Ixalan is Coming!

Today we received the promotional material for Ixalan, the latest set for Magic the Gathering. That’s right! It’s time for pirates and dinosaurs!

Here is a list of important dates to add to your calendar. You don’t want to miss out. (click on the red dates for more information):

  • Sept 16: Magic Open house. A great opportunity to introduce new players to the game. Free cards and promo cards to handed out.
  • Sept 23: Prerelease. Come get your first look at the new set (midnight, 11am, 5pm)
  • Sept 24: Prerelease. Come get your first look at the new set (11am, 5pm)
  • Starting Sept 29: Buy-a-box promo. Receive a Burning Sun’s Avatar
  • Sept 30: Draft weekend. If you missed out on the first look (prerelease) then come to draft weekend. Pods will fire at noon and 6:00 as long as we have 8 participants
  • Oct 2 – 29: Magic League. Take part in this quick start, casual play. Great for new players to start building their decks and for veteran players who like that kitchen-table trading feeling.
  • Oct 7 – Dec 24: Standard Showdown. 12-week program aimed at serving the Standard community, Standard Showdown booster packs awarded.
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