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Warmachine – Journeyman League

9/14/2017 @ 6:00 pm

Week 5 – 60 points – Journey’s End


“Journeyman events are a great way for new players to begin collecting and playing their new Warmahordes army. These events are also a fantastic opportunity for veteran players to take their first steps toward playing a new Faction. Journeyman is primarily played as a six-week league event that guides players to build armies that begin with a battlegroup led by a war caster or warlock and eventually end in a full 75-point army.” – Privateer Press


This week starts off at 60 army points, may only include your Battlegroup, Units, Solos, Battle Engines and Theme Forces. Your army list must contain all the models/units used in the previous weeks army list. If you changed your warcaster or warlock to a new warcaster or warlock in week 4, you must use that new selection for the remainder of the league. The scenario for this week is Journey’s End.


The league weeks will run from Thursday to the following Wednesday. Any games played during that time will count toward that weeks total. Each player should have a fully assembled battlegroup as detailed in the Journeyman League rules packet by Privateer Press. Proxy models can be used, however, only models that are currently in WarRoom are allowed. No CiD models or changes that are not officially approved will be allowed.


League fee is a one-time fee to join the league. Players can join the league at any time but cannot score games or painted models until they have joined.


Journeyman prizes consisting of the Journeyman patches awarded to league participants.


6:00 pm


Dave Hahn